Ask Yourself These Brand Questions Before the Year is Out

The year is coming to a close and we'll soon be back in the action of working towards business goals of the next twelve months. This inevitably incorporates a major marketing element, which is intimately related to understanding your brand and building awareness of what it stands for. Before the holidays begin and the year is out, it's worth taking a bird's eye view of your brand and asking some broad questions about what you can improve in the near future.   Calendar January

  Brand Questions To Ask Yourself Before the Year is Out

The next two weeks aren't so much a time for concrete plans as for reflection and readjustment. If you have the bones of a brand development plan going into the New Year, the following questions are worth asking before it's time to flesh it out with action:
  • What is the single most crucial area of your brand that you need to develop above all else in the next twelve months?
  • Which marketing channels or content formats are you overlooking? Where could you integrate a new element to your marketing mix, whether that's audio, like a podcast or industry news segment, visual, like infographics or inspirational graphics, or some form of video series?
  • What new marketing tools do you need to do more with your brand in 2015? What will they cost and what do you need them to deliver?
  • Is your target market using any of the new or niche social networks? Do you have extra resources to focus on those areas (or can you cut the time invested in other platforms to free up some time to connect with customers in new places?
  • What are your brand values? How can they inform the direction that your marketing communications take in 2015?
  • Are there areas in which you can pour more personality into your brand communications, such as opinion-based content, more humorous  or some other factor unique to your organization?
  • What metrics do you have in place to measure both progress towards your annual goals and overall brand awareness? Which do you need to develop and which can you dump to inform your meetings and improve your performance?
  With everyone upgrading their strategy to encompass more digital marketing, you'll need to consistently develop your brand online and off to keep up with competitors. Having a plan and the right marketing tools for the new year will make it that much easier to raise awareness and build out your brand reputation in 2015. How will you boost your brand in the year to come?

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