Benefits of Call Tracking & Call Intelligence

You can't manage what you can't measure.
Peter Drucker

Benefits of Call Tracking For Business

The best way to ensure that phone calls remain a contributing factor in a businesses' success is by taking advantage of technology solutions that track these digital interactions. Doing so enables business stakeholders to extract meaningful intelligence that can be used to drive future marketing, advertising and customer experience initiatives.

Perhaps the most common reason enterprises consider call tracking and call intelligence systems is to identify poor customer support and sales practices. The same technology offerings however can also be used to help optimize the user experience in the process. Ultimately, that results in closing more leads and generating long term loyalty.

The problem of poor phone practices, however, is quite significant: 74% of people who had a bad phone support experience, according to a 2017 Invoca study, are likely to choose another business the next time they shop for that product or service. As a business owner, that’s just not acceptable. Fortunately, call tracking and call intelligence systems provide a solution.

The Benefits of Call Tracking & Call Intelligence Systems

The benefits of call tracking/intelligence are abundantly clear - they provide useful insights into critical business processes. So what specific types of data can you acquire from these systems, and how can they help your enterprise improve?

  • Discover how many times leads are calling back before closing. Call tracking systems make it possible to track the behavior of individual callers. Is one group of customers
  • Patterns (and opportunities) in the sales process. Call intelligence systems make it possible to know which sales or support personnel are best at converting and keeping users on the phone and which are not. Knowing which sales practices and tactics are most useful can be used in the training of future hires.
  • How often calls are missed or go to voicemail. These systems also serve as a way to understand who is most or least active on the phone (and when) and who lets calls go to voicemail. Insights such as these can be used to change office hours or close on specific days.
  • Better understanding of the customer journey. Call intelligence systems also empower business owners to gain insights into why prospects call, providing insights into potential areas of improvement. Are a majority of callers dialing in for support or do they have a questions about when their product will be delivered?
  • Enhance omnichannel analytics with call tracking data. Information from call tracking systems can often be integrated with analytics tools to provide a more comprehensive view of marketing performance. Did the change you made to your social media or search marketing campaign to include your custom vanity phone number make a postive difference? Only one way to find out!

Start Tracking Phone Calls Today

The importance of intelligent phone systems in business is undeniable. A Think with Google survey, for example, revealed that 61% of mobile users call a business during the purchase phase instead of contacting them online, which shows just how pervasive phone usage remains among consumers.

Phone calls clearly remain a key driver of leads for today’s businesses, but those taking advantage of technology to optimize and improve the customer experience (using vanity and custom phone numbers strategically) will be those that stand the test of time thanks to the valuable insights call tracking and call intelligence systems provide.

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