Build Your Law Firm’s Brand with a Time-Resistant Marketing Tool

Thousands of attorneys across the country use multiple advertising platforms each and every day in the battle for a potential client’s attention. Add to this the constantly changing rules of the digital marketing world, as Ken Hardison references in a recent blog post for the Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association, and it's a tough environment to stay on top of mind with consumers. Against this challenging marketing environment, how does your practice set itself apart from the thousands of other law firms in the marketplace? The answer is to brand your firm around memorable marketing methods that stand the test of time and will work to drive the ever-changing tactics of online marketing, rather than be ruled by them. law firm billboard advertBuilding Your Law Firm’s Brand with a Vanity Number

Vanity telephone numbers help law firms generate leads and win new clients. Without a constant influx of new clients, a law firm cannot remain in business. The number of law firms has grown dramatically over the last decade, and competition for new clients has become fierce. The era when your practice could expand its business based solely on word-of-mouth referrals is over. Over many years of working with law firms to build their legal brand, we've found that versatile, memorable toll free vanity numbers like 1-866-LEGAL-FIRM or 1-800-HURT-NOW work to increase customer recall and help otherwise overlooked law firms stand out in a crowded professional field. The following three pieces of advice can make or break how successful a law firm’s marketing campaign will be. Law firms that Brand with Vanity Toll-Free Numbers Generate More Client Leadsscales of justice clip artCountless studies have shown that law firms have a significantly higher recall rate with vanity toll-free numbers than with generic, forgettable numeric toll-free numbers when featured in advertising campaigns. When legal practices use a catchy vanity toll-free number in their advertising, whether it’s a billboard advertisement, television commercial, or integrated into an online campaign, it provides clients with an extremely memorable and accessible way to contact their firm. Boosting recall means boosting leads, which is the most fundamentally important part of making marketing campaigns affect the bottom line. As these are leads that are ten times more likely to convert to real revenue than online leads, they're ones worth pursuing. Integrate Your Number into Every Marketing Campaign Your contact number needs to be both memorable and ubiquitous. Clients see countless law advertisements daily. These usually fall into two main categories: your advertisements and your competitors’ advertisements. Potential clients will undoubtedly contact the attorney whose phone number they can remember, it is that simple. When lawyers provide clients with unforgettable vanity toll-free numbers, they simultaneously establish credibility and increase caseload. Your law firm’s marketing goal must be to accurately represent your legal expertise, at the same time as confirming your unwavering commitment to your clients. A good vanity number, effectively applied across prominent advertising channels, has the capability to do both. Get the Point Across and Make an Impression If your law firm’s marketing campaign does not make an impression on the prospective client, then your campaign has failed. Vanity toll-free numbers provide just the type of impression your law firm should aim to make. They’re easy to remember, easy to dial, easy to refer, and let the client know that you are indeed a legal firm. Make an impression and make a positive one. So, as legal marketers like Ken and the professionals at Kisling, Nestico & Redick will attest, the question isn’t so much how a law firm can use a legal vanity number, but more how law firms build a brand without one?

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