But I already have a phone number

A common objection we hear is: “But I already have a phone number!” When we hear that, we know we need to spend more time explaining the benefits of a custom phone number and explain how savvy businesses use them.

Most business owners don't realize they can pick their own phone number. When they start their company they know they need a place to receive phone calls, but they get focused on the plans and minutes and voicemail and forget the conduit: the phone number.

If you are already set up with a generic phone number, you can still benefit greatly from a personalized one. Here are some of the reasons and benefits companies choose to get a custom phone number after they already have their phone system set up.

Mission-specific. Most companies add a custom phone number for a specific reason, such as a targeted marketing campaign, brand marketing, customer service, and easier sales.

Not necessarily a replacement. A vanity phone number can work in concert with an existing phone system and still bring all of the benefits of a memorable number. Clients can simply add an additional line or sign up get the custom number forwarded to the generic one.

Tool of growth. Not only will a custom phone number amp up inbound calls, it can be an asset that grows alongside your client. If they are looking to grow regionally or even nationally, getting matching local numbers can be brand-reinforcing. Or, a toll-free number can give easy nationwide coverage.

Small investment, big payoff. A custom phone number is a catalyst that ensures a greater ROI on marketing spend. It's a tool that makes all advertising and promotion more successful. The return on a great number spans across brand, marketing, sales, and customer service. RingBoost has numbers starting at $99 for local and $19/mo. for toll-free. Compared to your marketing and media spend, it's a small but powerful investment.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a great number isn’t always a playful vanity.

RingBoost sells more easy-dial patterns than vanity phrases. Sometimes something simple like a phone number ending in a thousands (e.g. -1000) or a quad (e.g. -2222) gives perception of professionalism and projects a feeling of being well-established. If a prospect were evaluating two providers, the one that seemed more buttoned up and thoughtful will likely get the business. The reality is, people and businesses used to change phone numbers all of the time. Before local number portability was even an option - or the internet was available to double check contact info - phone numbers changed all of the time and life went on. There are so many benefits to having a polished, professional, and unforgettable phone number, the fact that you already have a generic one shouldn't stand in the way. You haven't missed the boat.

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Toll-Free Numbers

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Local Numbers

Get a local phone number in any area code so you can have a local presence in cities across the US and Canada.

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