Create an Important Connection Point With Your Customers

For a time, not too long ago, communications with customers became very detached. Repetitive emails, robotic voice calls, relentless remarketing ads… if it felt mechanical, there was a good chance that a marketing department near you was using it, under the buzzword banner of “marketing automation.”

While that concept is still being employed, in some cases perfectly well, in recent years we’ve seen a natural human push back against excessive automation. Social networks have made it easier to have a conversation with customers, and making that connection wherever possible is an important element for marketers and the companies they serve.

A movement is growing to take back the great American tradition of outstanding  customer service that keeps the personal touch in place.People like to pick up the phone and talk to the businesses they buy from, whether for the initial inquiry or final purchases. It makes customers feel safer with their commercial choices when they know that the company they’re calling really cares about their experience and satisfaction.

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How Does a Vanity Number Connect with Customers?

Business owners in almost every industry you can imagine, from flowers to finance and eateries to ecommerce, are using vanity telephone numbers to stay connected with customers

Vanity numbers are a vital part of getting today’s hectic and distracted consumers to pick up the phone. A memorable number helps a potential customer to notice and remember the call they want to place to your company.

Better yet, the cream of the crop of vanity numbers become etched on your customer’s subconscious in a way that a random set of digits rarely can.

Take this quick test to prove it:

Question: What is the direct line number to your brother or sister?


Takes a while, doesn’t it?  What if we asked who you would dial to order flowers for them?

If you took more time to recall the digits of your own sibling than you did 1-800-FLOWERS, you know that branded vanity numbers get mentally filed away for future reference!

Call us now on 1-877-RINGBOOST to learn how to build a vanity number into your business and create a new, memorable connection point for your customers!

Written by: on June 18, 2015

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