5 Tips to Make Your Vanity Phone Number Search Easier

Plenty of businesses recognize the value and need for a memorable phone number. What comes next is harder, as many don't know where to focus attention

Well, as experts in the art of memorable marketing, we're here to help in your vanity number search!

There are certain things to bear in mind when choosing a custom number to represent your business across many marketing channels, so if you start to struggle then consider the five factors below.

shutterstock_56535940Five Tips to an Easier Vanity Phone Number Search

If you're stuck with the vanity number equivalent of writer's block, work on these five factors to reboot your brainstorm session:

1. Use your USP - Which is defined as your "unique selling proposition." What sets you apart from others in your industry? Your search for a memorable number will turn up several options that recall various imagery and feelings for your customer. Ensure that the number you select lines up well with your existing branding, especially your USP.

2. Analyze the competition - Not to copy, but to make sure that you don't copy a competitor. Or even get too close to an existing vanity number in your industry. The main reason to implement a custom phone number is to make your business memorable on its own terms. If a competitor has their own custom number, then the goal of your vanity number search is to come up with something even more unique and compelling.

3. Select from either vanity toll-free numbers or a local vanity number - Each will have its own benefit that affects the options on the table. Toll-free dials are widely recognized and invite the caller to contact you at no cost to themselves, wherever they are. Local vanity numbers offer a more familiar feeling for those who live nearby, making them particularly attractive for businesses with a customer base concentrated in the local area.

4. Don't forget the 7-digit rule - It's possible to elongate your vanity number to 8 digits or characters, but remember that an extra digit could mean dialing errors for mobile phone callers. Land line callers can get an extra bonus, though, as it's easier to create a more memorable number from the extra character. For those on a mobile device you can include the numeric version of an eight-digit vanity number, or simply focus your search on a 7-digit number.

5. Get back to basics! - When it comes down to it, short and sharp words that catch the attention often do the trick. Your number should convey as much meaning in as little time as possible. Steer away from words or phrases that could potentially be spelled in a number of different ways or where the meaning could be ambiguous. Examples like 1-800-MOVE-NOW and 1-800=HOMECARE  show direct, memorable vanity numbers that communicate a clear product or service.

Don't forget, bringing more team members into the creative process will help to bring out more ideas. In the early stages you need to get as many options on the table as possible, so get other employees involved.

If you have suggestions after a successful vanity phone number search for your business, we want your thoughts! Let us know what you didby connecting on Facebook, Twitter.

Or if you simply can't wait to start your search, you can begin here!

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Get a local phone number in any area code so you can have a local presence in cities across the US and Canada.

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