Friday's Finest: Florida's Call to Action Amphitheatre

A quick example of excellent vanity number branding this week, with a number that attracts event interest from anyone who sees it. 1-800-ask-gary The "Ask Gary Amphitheatre" in Tampa, Florida is a case study in leading with your most memorable marketing tool. This toll free vanity number is not only a call to action that invites customers to call about the service that sponsors the venue, it's a talking point in its own right. The number belongs to a company that provides a free attorney and medical services referral service, for which 1-800-ASK-GARY works on an industry level. With the sponsorship of this Tampa venuue, however, it reaches a whole new audience and sparks plenty of brand questions. It also brings significant digital marketing value, which becomes clear when you start to search for either the brand or venue. Note in this next screen capture just how much visual real estate the contact number takes up, as a result of the brand manager's commitment to getting that unique number into the most prominent sponsorship they could find. google search ask gary amphitheatre This is a big commitment to a vanity number and wouldn't work for every business, but it's a brilliant example of where you can take a memorable contact number when you see how much business it starts for generate for your organization. Working across multiple platforms, traditional and new media, it's fair to say that anyone who sees this number wants to know what they should ask Gary!

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