Friday's Finest: 7 Reasons to Call This Great Number

How do you drive repeat business in a business that's all about driving? For some smart taxi cab firms, the most reliable answer is repeater numbers!

The most powerful versions of this vanity number format strive for simplicity, such as the many cab brands around the country who use 444-4444, or today's excellent brand example from NYC, Dial 7 Car Service.

Dial 7 adFor obvious reasons, repeater numbers are clearest when they deliver the same digit over and oer again, which is why this company's 777-7777 is so effective. The 212 prefix is familiar to most New Yorkers and easily added by visitors to town, so there are really no barriers to recall.

Add to this the fact that the company's name and branding strongly reinforce their memorable number, and this becomes one of the strongest examples of branding with a local vanity number that you're likely to see.

With web-connected services like Lyft and Uber on the rise, it's important for established taxi cabs to leverage their most powerful branding tools and bring themselves into the digital age. As we've seen with recent studies, vanity numbers enhance online marketing and advertising, which makes numbers like this the perfect way to bridge the gap between traditional customers who like to call, and millennials, who live online but still need a way to remember who you are.

cab booking on iPhoneAnd, let's face it, when that 4G wireless connection inevitably drops out, your customers are going to turn back to their trusty cell connection and thank you for using that easy to recall repeater number!

Do you use a repeater number that drives repeat business on a regular basis?

Tell us all about your success on Facebook or Twitter if so! Alternatively, if you need one of these memorable numbers, start a search now to see what we have available.

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