Friday's Finest: All Eyes (and 8's) on Ohio

As we end the week, we always like to bring you an example of the more memorable vanity numbers we've recently seen in action. This week we travel to Ohio; not for the NBA Finals as most have, but to take a look at an excellent example of logo-based vanity number branding from 1-888-OHIOCOMP. 1-888-OHIO-COMP This is one of those great examples where the number blends seamlessly into the logo, making for a visual brand asset that also delivers an embedded call to action. When you see a phone number, you know the company wants you to call. But, as we always say, digits are dull (and easily forgotten!) You need a number that is easy to remember and slots seamlessly into your marketing materials. This managed care company based in Cleveland, Ohio builds its number and name in brilliantly, with minimal digits to clutter up the visual and a look that leaves potential customers in no doubt what they're looking at or why they should call. The state is emphasized clearly in two ways, while the vanity number does its job as both a brand identifier and call to action in one unique marketing tool. A further benefit of this number choice can be found online, specifically in search engines, as the Google autocomplete suggestions below demonstrate. google 1-888-ohiocomp All a searcher has to type in is the prefix 1-888 and the company's number pops up as a suggested. Not only is this excellent visibility, it shows that the company site is one of the most popularly searched terms, to the extent that Google trusts that a lot of people will want to see it. That's great exposure and a reminder that vanity numbers provide a return on investment in many different ways. Have you seen a memorable number that's worthy of a Friday's Finest entry? Share it with us on Facebook and we'll be happy to consider it!

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