Friday's Finest: Country Legend Gets His Own Custom Number

It's a holiday weekend and across the country, many Americans are hitting the roads. As they do so, a well-known name in music is traveling with them, thanks to his own custom number.  Country music star Garth Brooks is launching his own station on Sirius XM and chose the memorable toll-free number 1-844-55-GARTH to help promote it. Smartly integrated into Sirius' intelligent display data, the ever-versatile vanity number becomes a call to action that travels with the listener as long as they're tuned into his station. 1-844-55-GARTH 1-844-55-GARTH is another example of a vanity number spanning the varied styles and spaces associated with different marketing channels. Even in the radio format, where there is very little visual real estate available to reinforce the message being delivered via audio, a memorable number gets the job done. There are very few marketing tools that get right to the point in this way, but this a vanity number is clearly one of them.  The application is also smart in this sense when we look at social media. Sirius XM on Facebook has been using the hook of calling the artist to build anticipation for the new radio station, which at #55 on the channel list is also incorporated into the number. Taken as a multi-faceted marketing push, this use of a vanity number is tough to beat. We hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Be sure to take time off and stop thinking about your marketing... at least until Tuesday! [search-tag]

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