Friday's Finest: Even the Army Has Something to Sell

There are certain types of business that stick out as prime candidates for a memorable vanity number; realtors, law firms, home care and health care providers, ... okay, the list is actually pretty long! Even so, there are certainly some organizations you might not expect to focus on selling via a vanity number, and the U.S. Army could be one of them. Think again! West Point Academy vanity number   That's right, if the U.S. Army can use a vanity number to sell you tickets to the big game, it's a  clear sign that you can use a more memorable number to grow your business! Aside from the unexpected use case, what we like here is that West Point has used a familiar abbreviation of "tickets" to reinforce the reason for the line. The two elements are strikingly short, yet go hand-in-hand to create the uniquely memorable call to action that the brevity of vanity numbers brings to the marketing mix. No better reason to feature them here on Friday's Finest, except of course to shows some respect to our outstanding servicemen and women. Thanks for all you do!

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