Friday's Finest: Extra, Extra! Toll Free All About It!

Unless you're a regular in the RingBoost office, it's rare for vanity toll free numbers to hit the headlines. That doesn't mean they can't help make them, though! That's exactly the kind of creative thinking that convinced New York's CBS2 News to run with the toll free vanity that we've selected as today's #FridaysFinest. CBS News Tip Line Number CBS 2 found a novel use for a toll free vanity number[/caption] 1-855-TWO-TIPS is one of those vanity numbers that reminds us about getting creative when we select those memorable digits. It has an alliterative quality that rolls off the tongue, and brands nicely with the station's designated number. If you're not going to go with your own business name it's always good to build in another element of your brand that consumers identify closely with, or something that has that memorable jingle-style quality when potential callers repeat it to themselves. The number itself is used in the consumer protection section of the nightly news, offering viewers with a potentially juicy story to call in and let the "CBS2 Investigates" team get their teeth into the case. It's a great way to gain stories for the station and also provides a valuable service to viewers who have a problem that they otherwise might not be able to afford to solve. Plus the 855 prefix is a toll free code, so even the call won't cost them anything! Vanity toll free numbers mix well with all kinds of media and marketing, as this excellent integration by a TV station demonstrates. If you're wondering how you can integrate this powerful contact tool into your marketing or media mix, give us a call on 1-877-RING-BOOST, or send us a quick contact form today!

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