Friday's Finest: Madalon Law's Lateral Legal Marketing

Resuming our Friday's Finest series, which takes in some of the best applications of vanity numbers that we see on a daily basis, we have an excellent example of lateral thinking applied to marketing. Created by Madalon Law, injury lawyers serving Miami and southern Florida, the creative is angled towards the event of St. Patrick's Day. It encourages safe celebration on everyone's favorite Irish holiday, reminding readers that the decisions they make matter at every stage of the evening's revelry. 877-IT-MATTERS - Legal Vanity Number The vanity number underscores the fact that "IT MATTERS," referring to the lives of those celebrating and anyone who comes into contact with them.  Earlier this week, we looked at why vanity numbers for law firms work so well in legal marketing campaigns. What we love about the use of 1-877-IT-MATTERS is that it focuses on an important message, while still selling the services of Madalon Law in a subtle way. It's an application that shows the versatile nature of vanity numbers, used to emphasize the firm's commitment to safety while still communicating the fact that they have an expert legal team available when things go wrong. If you already have a vanity number that represents your business, brand, or industry, it's a reminder that memorable numbers can be applied in a variety of ways. An extra number can be applied to all kinds of different campaigns, across every marketing channel and in almost any context. It also offers the individual call tracking and recording that you'll need for a specific campaign, as all the related calls will come to your unique number. Why not get your team together and use this as an example to direct a brainstorming session for new campaigns that emphasize something other than your core product or service? Once you have an idea, don't wait: start your search for a more memorable number right now, right here!

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