Friday's Finest: A Memorable Number Drives Your Business

Catching people's attention on the road is the goal of many marketers. It's a time when consumers have fewer competing ads and distractions, despite the fact that they're concentrating on the drive and all of those potential dangers. This heightened sense of awareness actually works in favor of any brand who can get their message around the roads - or even on it - because the driver is actively keeping track of what's around the car. That's why you notice so many billboards alongside major roads, easily visible and often guiding you to the next comforting opportunity to rest, like a hotel or a hot meal! 914-MERCEDES Some brands can't rely on potential customers being willing to stop or call immediately, of course, so it falls to another classic marketing tool to keep them engaged: a vanity number. This week's Friday's Finest number from a car dealership in Westchester, pictured above, is a good example. It takes a familiar local prefix in the tri-state area, 914, and attaches one of the most popular car brands around to remind customers to call. This is a twofer, as it makes use of both the area code and an extremely memorable brand name to aid recall for the dealership brand, which is prominent in the upper ad but might be tougher to integrate into a vanity number. We're fans of efficient and effective marketing here at RingBoost, so this is a number that we see driving a lot of new business for Pepe Luxury Cars... when customers get off the road to call, of course!

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