Friday's Finest: The Many Nuances of a Memorable Number

As we've seen throughout our semi-regular Friday's Finest series, there are many ways to make your contact number more memorable. From adding brand value to describing what you do, there are many nuances to a great number. Today's example is an excellent vanity number in its own right, but we like it even more for the advantages it demonstrates in almost any descriptive number. 1-800-CAR-MATS is notable not only for its simplicity - and those adorable dogs! - but also for the ways it can work for its company online. Cars Mats Marketing Number First of all, compare the vanity number to the original set of digits below it; much better, much more memorable, we're sure you'll agree. Second? That's where we get into its value with search engines, both in terms of organic SEO and the pay-per-click ads it could be used with. The term "car mats" is obviously going to be a key word for the company that sells this product, so the vanity number is already pulling double duty any time it is used in website copy. We've already established that the right number can be used as a call to action as well as a point of contact, so adding SEO value to that pile of benefits makes a memorable number one of the hardest working marketing tools out there. In terms of paid search, our studies show that including a branded number in your company's PPC ads increases clicks through by 33%. A number like 1-800-CAR-MATS would also serve to describe exactly what product the ad is for, while providing the same additional call to action that a telephone number prompts us to think about. If you've ever worked with PPC ad copy, you know that space is at a premium, so having a marketing tool that can do all of those jobs in 14 characters is a life saver! Because of all that it encapsulates, that's why this simple but effective number is our selection for finest of the week!

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