Friday's Finest: The Smart Side of Nixon

This is the place where we highlight the latest and greatest examples of vanity numbers we see out on the streets, but today our reference point seems to originate several decades in the past. Look closer, though, and it's just another highly effective application of a memorable phone number! The company name in today's case is Nixon, but far from the controversial character of our 37th President, this is a reputable supplier of uniforms and medical wear. Their memorable number - 1 888 NIXON US - makes it easy to connect the company name and country to find out more information, however, and throws in a toll-free prefix to encourage potential customers to do so. 1-888-NIXON-US What we enjoy most about this Friday's Finest is that  it shows perfectly how a memorable number and an excellent website URL can complement one another in your company's advertising. The medical aspect of the company's work would be harder to incorporate into an effective vanity number, so Nixon decides to trade on its name and nation there, then make it clear what sector they serve with We talked about the most important trio of memorable brand assets in our article on calls to action yesterday, and this is a great example of two of those three elements in play. Nixon might need to add in an outstanding tag line to complete the set, but a  great number and a descriptive web URL make for an excellent marketing base!

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