Friday's Finest: A Perfect Match for Visual Media

This week's Friday's Finest vanity number is a reminder that it's not always advertising and marketing uses that vanity numbers are employed for (although admittedly, those are the ones that contribute most to the bottom line.) Media makers love a memorable number as well, because they make it much easier for viewers and listeners to get in touch and offer their opinion, as this example from Tech News Today demonstrates. [caption id="attachment_3561" align="aligncenter" width="684"]TNT-SHOW media vanity number Encourage viewers to contact you with a memorable vanity number![/caption] TNT is a popular online daily technology show, distributed via podcast and streaming video channels. Using 260-TNT-SHOW alongside the show's email address allows the presenters to quickly communicate a branded contact point. It's the perfect length, tells us what they do, and makes smart use of the show's abbreviated title, to which they often refer on air. In visual terms the advantages are clear from the image above; the number is memorable and nestles neatly alongside the call to action with room for the show's email address as well. In terms of audio there's the added advantage of translating a number - which is easily forgotten and especially when spoken - into two words that are easy for the listener to recall. It's something that advertisers on traditional radio broadcasts have utilized for years, and it's great to see modern media makers taking advantage of this tried-and-trusted brand tool. Do you have a favorite show that uses a memorable number to engage its audience? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter if so!   

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