So You Got a Great New Vanity Number... What's Next?

An easy to remember vanity number can be a huge branding opportunity for your business, but it's important to remember that this is just the beginning of the process. When that number gets connected to your existing telecoms set up, it needs your help to get out into the world and go to work to bring in the calls for your business. At that point, we turn to your marketing plan and where the vanity number slots in to brand your business at every possible opportunity. From business cards to billboards, social media to search marketing, it's a great time to reconsider what channels you're using and which will make the most of your brand new vanity number. Let’s dive in to discuss some of the  vanity number marketing avenues that you should be considering. Marketing Word Cloud

Advertising your Number Online

As you'll often here nowadays: everyone is online, so you had better be there too. If you're not reaching potential customers on the Internet and mobile devices, you can be sure that your competitors are. Online advertising offers more routes to your customers than ever before. Google Adwords provides the tried and trusted search ads that many businesses have built a base on, but the likes of Facebook and Linkedin have also eaten into advertising budgets, thanks to their hyper-targeted demographic data and ability to reach people by interest, rather than simply search intent. Add Twitter into the mix, as well as visual platforms like Pinterest and YouTube, and already social media is demanding a lot of your attention as a way to get your message - and alongside it your number -out into the world. other ad networks is an excellent place to begin a huge branding campaign powered by a memorable vanity toll-free number. A major benefit of using a vanity number in online ads is that many ads are priced by the “click” – but since users are seeing your vanity number and brand, they won’t need to click the ad. Both our own studies and stats from others show that a business who is marketing with their phone number up front can make more of pay-per-click advertising, click-to-call options, and various other forms of online advertising. Although it involves spending money up front, this is a great place to start to quickly and clearly make a splash with your new number.  

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube aren't only about advertising. We put that p front because so many platforms now offer ads and it's the quickest way to ct through the noise and go right to your customer. Even so, organic (non-paid) social media marketing still offers your business a great vehicle for exposing that new branded vanity number, as well as the products or services that define it. 1-800-FLOWERS on Pinterest   Consider how 1-800-FLOWERS is using their Pinterest account (above) to show off its dozens of floral arrangements and gift ideas for virtually every occasion. Their followers take these images and videos and share them with their contacts, spreading the brand name and exposing their vanity number to all sorts of new people. Used correctly, social media can be an incredible boost to your brand exposure and the overall effectiveness of your memorable vanity number, sometimes without even spending a cent. For starters, update your Facebook fan page and Twitter account regularly, post some client testimonials and useful customer videos on YouTube, and consider a Pinterest page to establish a more visual online identity for your business. This is the minimum that most expect from their favorite brands and local businesses they might visit, if they are participating in social media at all. Don't less this limit your creativity, though. Read our articles on social media marketing for more ideas and other ways you can blend your marketing methods.  

Traditional Advertising Opportunities

In today’s hyper-connected world where everything seems to happen online it can be easy to forget about traditional media opportunities such as bus ads, billboards, newspaper and other print advertising, but these avenues should never be overlooked. There is still a a lot of life left in traditional media, especially when you want to access different demographics and have a memorable phone number to drive those calls. With ad buy prices coming down due to fierce competition, especially in light of what we've just discussed about online ad spaces, there’s always an opportunity for the right company to move into a great space for what once might have been a premium price, but is now fairly affordable. A major advantage of offline advertising? Bigger spaces can lead to bolder marketing messages, especially as they'll have less competition and distractions than the online environment. Branded vanity numbers are excellent for billboards, for example, where they can make use of the extra space in a huge font, attract a lot of attention, and include a clear call to action without taking up any more of that visual real estate. Bringing this back to the beginning of the article, whatever advertising avenues you choose will still need to take advantage of a vanity number that's both clear and memorable. If you haven't thought enough about that yet, you can start your search now or read more here about picking the perfect vanity number for your business. Call us today at 1-877-RING-BOOST to learn more about how we can set up your business with a vanity number that you'll be proud to share around the web, integrate into your offline advertising, and perhaps even shout from the rooftops to get an extra call or two... hey, when a communication style works, it works! Let us know how you use your vanity number to generate more calls on any of the social networks you see below.   Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google

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