How to Have Your Homecare Company Top the Business Listings

Does your homecare company top the local business listings?

Having your homecare service top those local directories is no small feat. Putting your business on the local radar requires not just getting your name out in as many locations as physically possible, but at the same time developing your presence on the web for all of the search terms have patients and their families finding you at the top of the results.

Small things like street abbreviations and the category you choose for your company can make an important difference in where you rank for the most searched words and phrases in your industry.  For this reason, it’s important to think about how and where you want to be seen, then keep that consistent across all the online directories you choose.

So what are the factors that you need to consider in order to top those local listings?

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These are some of the crucial factors that influence whether or not potential clients find you when they search for homecare services online:

  • Look for well-known, quality listing sites that get widely used in your region. Dodge the lower quality listings, because the links they create may well be the subject of a Google penalty in future, which can be an online .
  • Think how a potential patient or family would feel searching for your services on the site - and whether the site develops the right comfort level - before you commit.
  • Make your business name and core details are consistent across all channels. This includes punctuation and how you use suffixes like ‘LLC’ or ‘Inc’.
  • Pick just one address for email correspondence and use it as your primary contact point across all directories.
  • Claim and complete listings where you have a solid base of existing reviews first. This will maximize the return from directories that require less effort up front.
  • Use the same address and phone number. This means not changing any abbreviations of streets and building names once you have them set in stone.
  • Choose as many business categories as apply to your area of homecare services (or as many as the site will allow!) Review the listings of competing providers for inspiration if you think you're overlooking some category niches.

If you log all the directories that you sign up for and decide on standard formats when it comes to your company's name, address, phone number, and contact details, you'll have a solid base from which to build a major presence on sites that list homecare services in your area.

As you expand your base of local listings, you should eventually notice a corresponding rise in your search position. As this occurs, you'll see more potential patients contacting you about the care that you can provide.

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