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The story behind Holdy Realty Team’s memorable million number – (772) 5000000 – is an exercise in reverse engineering, as well as a great example of thinking outside the box when it comes to picking the perfect vanity number. As familiar with blue-sky thinking as he is the inviting blue skies of the Sunshine State, Florida real estate agent Tim Holdy bought local vanity – and million – number 772-500-0000 for the Holdy Realty Team.

It presents a pretty clear set of digits for the firm as it appears, but Tim took this great number to a whole new level on the firm’s marketing materials, as you can see here:

Real Estate Million Number

A Five Million Dollar Realty Firm

The company could have chosen a vanity number based around the name Holdy, or perhaps one associated with real estate in and around Florida; there are certain plenty of premium vanity numbers for realtors to choose from. But with his choice, Tim demonstrated the wide range of opportunities for any company interested in securing a more memorable number. Words and phrases work well for some companies, while campaigns based around easy-on-the-eye (and ear) digits are preferable to others. If Holdy Realty wanted to advertise on the local radio, for example, the theme of 5 million would be very easy to translate to audio and maintain the concept of the visual advert you see above. When quizzed as to how he decided to acquire such a specific local vanity phone number, as he is often asked, Tim explains that he sees the 5 million number as easy to remember. With so few digits and a local area code that is already familiar to most of his potential buyers, he correctly identifies that callers have almost no chance of forgetting his digits when it comes time to call a realtor. He also sees the value in his new purchase for brand building: “I look at the number as a long-term investment,”says Holdy.“It will continue to pay dividends over time.”

Building a Regional Brand

Once Holdy locked into the 5-million number, they secured the pattern for two additional Florida area codes. They now use a triple set of million numbers: 561-500-0000, 954-500-0000, and 772-500-0000. “All leading companies in their fields have very easy, memorable telephone numbers,” Holdy notes. “We feel that our local vanity numbers give us an advantage over the competition” By “minting” his own promotional $5 million dollar bills, Holdy found a unique way to promote his new phone number. With a familiar area code and one of the clearest set of digits you’ll ever see following it, these numbers increased call volume as soon as Holdy Realty Team rolled them out two years ago. But the results don’t end there…

Custom Numbers Drive Creative Marketing

Take a look at Holdy Realty Team’s social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more – for a feel of how memorable numbers inform marketing strategy… go ahead, we’ll wait! Notice how the profiles and almost every piece of content references one of the local vanity numbers? That’s by design, because Holdy understands that a custom number is not just contact information, it’s a call to action. When people see or hear a phone number, they naturally think about calling. It’s an instinctive response that smart marketers like those at Holdy Realty Team can play upon, as long as they have a number that clients can recall. Remember, the impulse to call can’t always be acted on immediately. If someone is driving, talking on the phone, or engaged in any number of activities that distract us in daily life, they could quickly forget a random number. A memorable number closes the loop, storing the contact details away for use at a more convenient moment. Without those million numbers, Holdy Realty Team could miss out on hundreds of calls from potential homebuyers every year.

We have used billboards, radio spots, social media, print ads, and many more. We feel that one of the most effective channels for our numbers is online, especially through social media."

– Tim Holdy, Owner

That might surprise some business owners. Social networks are often seen as separate from non-digital marketing channels. Unfortunately, that results in disjointed promotional campaigns that fail to generate as many leads as they could. Indeed, Holdy has observed a surge of interest in his company’s listings following its decision to add a memorable number as a watermark on every property. That simple step alone has almost doubled the company’s property inquiries via social media.

Leave a Lasting Impression

What could be better than having an unforgettable way for people to reach your real estate firm? Building a brand that endures. That’s another element of Holdy Realty Team’s success, as its owners list brand recognition as the most important advantage of using vanity numbers. Over time, memorable numbers become a part of your marketing fabric. These million numbers are inextricably linked with Holdy Realty Team’s properties and online profiles, meaning that home buyers can easily inquire about a listing or refer a friend without having to dig out the realtor’s number. Along with the signature palm tree “H” logo and the beautiful homes it lists, the company is widely known for its 5 million phone numbers. It is an example that many other businesses will love to learn from, and one that we know our full time staff of vanity number marketing specialists can help you replicate. To find an unforgettable number for your company, which can form the foundation of your ad campaigns for years to come, give us a call today on 1-877-RINGBOOST, or contact us by email to get things started.

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