How to Choose Between a Local and Toll Free Vanity Number

If you've spent any time browsing our extensive selection of vanity numbers, you'll quickly come up with a key question: is a local vanity number or a toll free vanity number better for my business? We hear and answer this one on a regular basis, so here's the low down of why each type could be a benefit to your business? 

Vanity Numbers: Experts and Examples

If you prefer to have an answer right from mouth of an expert take a look at this video, in which Paul Faust, our VP of Business Development, explains the benefits of both toll free vanity numbers and those with a local area code:

"Every market is different," says Faust, adding "ultimately it's what you're comfortable with... and how clients want to reach you." Perhaps the most important point he identifies from his extensive experience in the market, however, is that it's a major positive to add both options and let the customer decide. Rather than force customers down any one communication channel, or assume that we know everything about what consumers want, offering both a local and toll free memorable contact number will help your business understand which works best. It's additional marketing real estate on the one hand, and provides the best of both worlds on another. The example below from DiCentral, an EDI solutions provider in Houston, Texas, shows this dual solution in action. In fact, as this example comes from their website, where there are email and mailing options for contact as well, this exemplifies how several lines of communication mesh together in today's complex market place. local and toll free vanity number options As the company has offices around the world, no one number or channel will cover all the bases for communication with clients and potential customers. But the company still makes great use of a unique toll free vanity number, 1 877 TRUE EDI, for those customers. As we've talked about before, this is a brand building marketing asset as well as a line of communication, which is why so many companies are still opting to offer a toll free number. This is a marketing tool that dates back to the 1960s and has remained relevant with every advance in marketing since. That being said, Di Central clearly also understands that not every caller will prefer a toll free number, so they offer the familiarity of a local number to satisfy those folks as well. Call us picky (we call it thorough!), but wed say the local number would be more memorable by using a repeater or million number after the Houston area code, but credit the company for offering both options nonetheless! If you have more questions about the benefits of toll free vanity numbers, or memorable marketing numbers in general, check out the other videos on our YouTube channel. We've answered a lot there but are always ready to help with any of your queries. Contact us online here or call 1-877-RING-BOOST to speak to one of our experts today.

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