How to get a unique phone number

A memorable phone number sticks with customers in a way that few communication or ad channels can.

And it’s easier than ever to find a unique number that helps your brand. Vanity numbers are fully customizable, allowing the user to create a unique phone number for any industry.

This post will show you how to do it.

Why you need a unique phone number 

The simplest reason for getting a unique phone number is this: memorability. Using distinctive digits will enhance phone number recall for sales leads and existing clients.

A well designed phone number boosts brand recognition, instantly differentiating you from the competition. It creates continuity and consistent messaging across all of your outreach campaigns. 

Some vanity phone numbers even double as a call to action, like 610-2-RETIRE or 800-GET-WELL.

Tips for choosing a unique phone number  

Before beginning your search, use these simple tactics to pick your own phone number that will stand out in your customers’ minds.

  1. Be specific to your brand - the best vanity phone numbers communicate clearly and concisely who you are and what you do. 
  2.  Consider a call to action - a well-designed phone number can double as a call to action, giving leads clear next steps down the sales funnel (eg. 800-GET-HELP.)
  3. Optimize for memorability - best done by keeping it simple. Pick a short phrase or repeating digits that are easy to say, spell, and dial.
  4. Avoid hybrid numbers - choose either numbers or letters, a combo of both will detract from your messaging and memorability.
  5. Flex your creativity - if your first, or second choices are already spoken for, a little bit of a creative spark will help you broaden your search.

How to get a unique new number

You don’t need any specialized knowledge to find your perfect phone number with RingBoost. Here’s a step-by-step on how to do it: 

Step 1: Pick a number

Use the tips above to select a great phone number. Having access to a comprehensive database of available phone numbers will be your best bet for a simple and fruitful search. 

Step 2: Purchase

Once you have your new number picked out, all you need is a credit card to secure it. RingBoost also accepts ApplePay and Google Pay on all devices for a fast, convenient checkout.

Step 3: Port, park, or pick a plan

Completing the process will require you to make a decision about how you want to receive calls. You have three options:

  • Port: This means moving it from the carrier that owns the number, to yours. After checkout, you’ll receive simple instructions on how to initiate it with the help of your carrier. It can take a few days, so having a plan in the interim is crucial to avoid missed communications.
  • Pick a plan:  RingBoost offers several call forwarding plans. This also works well as a temporary solution while you wait for your new number to be ported.
  • Park: If you’ve found your prize but aren't ready to make the switch just yet, parking allows you to purchase it and keep it for a fraction of the cost of a plan.

RingBoost makes getting a unique phone number simple

RingBoost is the industry leader for custom phone numbers, offering the largest database of available vanity phone numbers and value added features at a price to fit any budget. 

Our expert team is available to deliver personalized support, marketing expertise and tips for finding the best phone number for your business.)

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