Examples of Lawyer Vanity Numbers – and Why They Work

Custom numbers and legal services go hand-in-hand. In a highly competitive market, a vanity number for lawyers can be the difference between a name that stands out in the client's mind or just another name on a billboard.

Online and off, lawyers are using memorable phone numbers to distinguish their firm from the competition. Below you'll find a selection of outstanding examples from the field, using a variety of custom numbers to improve their legal marketing campaigns.

Why do lawyers use vanity numbers?

Looking for a lawyer is stressful for people – and often it’s done with urgency. Vanity numbers make it easier for people in those moments to connect with a law office.

There are two major reasons for this:

  • Memorability
  • Branding


A person searching for lawyers online will be inundated with ads from competing firms. It’s overwhelming. If they know your number by memory, they can call without ever having to go online. Rival firms may never have a chance to compete.

A memorable number not only puts you at top-of-mind for potential clients – it also positions you to be the first lawyer they call. This memorability is also a boon to word-of-mouth marketing as well.


A vanity number can instantly communicate your area of expertise to the public. With a number like 717-DUI-HELP, the message is clear. It speaks to the needs of a very targeted audience.

Even among a sea of easily recalled numbers, something like 800-888-HURT will stand out for its obvious value proposition. Someone looking for a personal injury lawyer knows right away that your firm is a candidate for them.

Examples of Outstanding Lawyer Vanity Numbers

Here are some examples from our daily work with lawyers. Each showcases a different way to use a custom number to your advantage.

Example #1: Easy-dial numbers

900-9000 lawyer vanity numberBart Bernard - Personal Injury Lawyer

900-9000 | 275-225-BART | 337-989-BART

Our first example showcases two different ways to remain in the minds of potential clients: go local with a vanity number or span the state with a custom easy dial number. The numbers ending in "BART" offer clients in Lafayette and Baton Rouge an easy way to reach Bart Bernard, adding on to the familiar local area code with a brand-enhancing number. Two different numbers used in this way provide individual tracking, while retaining the named brand consistency.

Bernard Lawyer Vanity Numbers

The second image leans exclusively on the easy to recall number 900-9000, with the clear call to action that potential clients can reach Bart Bernard from "Anywhere in Louisiana." It's an unambiguous message that tells people exactly what they should do next, if they're able to call immediately, or gives them an easy way to remember who to call later if they can't.

Example #2: Branded vanity numbers

1-800-HURT-NOW legal vanity numberKisling, Nestico & Redick - Personal Injury Lawyers - 1-800-HURT-NOW

We've covered KNR in a specific case study, because we've seen first-hand just how effective their vanity number selection has been for the firm. Growing from a small local name, the company increased its client base significantly in the months following its adoption of a toll-free vanity number, 1-800-HURT-NOW.

1-800-HURTNOW Google listing vanity numberIt's also more than billboards and offline ads for Kisling, Nestico & Redick. As you can see above, rolling out their unique number in search ads also helps the firm to stand out on Google's crowded first page. This makes them more likely to convert a click as well as score a client call, with the vanity number working double time as a contact point and a branding tool.

Example #3: Repeater numbers

Repeater Number - 469-333-3333Biederman & Burleson - Criminal Defense Attorneys - (469) 333-3333

This firm in Texas understands the value of repetition. The local area code for Frisco and beyond is familiar to potential clients, then all they have to do is follow it up with threes to reach a criminal defense attorney. Repeater numbers are a popular option for firms who don't want a toll-free number or one that incorporates a legal word, but still want to aid recall and increase call volume.

Example #4: Toll-free and local numbers

Page Law Vanity NumbersPage Law - Personal Injury and Family Law Firm

315-PAGE-LAW | 1-800-CAR-CRASH | 1-800-DIVORCE

What happens when you see the advantage of all lawyer vanity number styles, but can't decide which will be best for your business? In Page Law's case, you opt for all of them! As the example above shows, three numbers in one ad can work. Divide them by legal specialty for specific queries, then add a central number for all other calls. The added bonus of this approach is that each number can be used to track different areas of the business, as well as empowering Page's different legal teams to know what the caller needs even before they answer the phone.

How to get a vanity number for your law firm

Third-party brokers are the easiest way to find a great vanity number for your firm. But not all brokers can offer what you need. There are a few factors to consider when you look for a vanity number:

  • Variety of numbers available
  • Finding a number within your budget
  • Ease of implementation

That’s why Ringboost is the industry leader. We’ll help you find the best possible vanity number and guide you through the process to make sure it’s seamless for your reception staff and customers.

Activating your firm’s new vanity number

​​Once you’ve purchased a vanity number, you’ll integrate it with your existing phone line – also known as ‘porting.’

You can port the number in three steps:

  • Contact your existing phone service provider and let them know that you would like to port your new number.
  • Provide your account number, PIN and service address to a customer service agent.
  • Your carrier will submit the port request to the carrier and will notify you once the port completes. You should receive an expected port date to help you plan accordingly.\

Next steps

These examples cover a range of custom numbers, but there's always a custom solution that we can find for your law firm.

Our experienced team has set up vanity numbers for lawyers around the country, so we know exactly what works. Give us a call today, contact us online, or browse our extensive selection of legal vanity numbers.

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