8 Traits of Landing Pages That Convert

Well-designed landing pages are an underutilized resource by many small business marketers.

With the popularity of social media and the rapid development of the mobile web, catering to different types of online visitor with a page that meets their needs is more important than ever. While a full website with a variety of page resources is vital for search engines and general traffic, special offers and promotions require a more targeted touch point with your customers.

Crafting a conversion-friendly landing page doesn't have to be as complex as a full blown marketing campaign, but there are a number of considerations to factor in to your design. Understanding the intent and decision-making process of potential customers is at the heart of most of them, so you'll want  to take some time to get inside your buyer's mind before your landing page goes live.

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Create Landing Pages That Convert

Even when you've won their click, potential customers must still be convinced by your page content in order to convert their visit to a lead or, better yet, a sale. If that page has been specifically designed with their needs in mind you have a much better chance of winning their business.

Here are eight traits of a landing page that not only attracts eyeballs but encourages them to act on what you have to offer:

  • 1. Reiterate the Reward: When you advertise a specific promotion, make sure that your landing page matches the value of that offer. Integrate the same terms and writing tone that you use in any ads or other initiatives that point visitors to your page.
  • 2. Have a Headline: As with any form of content, an eye-catching headline that encapsulates your offer and call to action is one of the most important elements. Even when your copy isn't all it can be, a heavyweight headline can keep customers interested.
  • 3. Less is More: Keep things to the point and fully focused on your offer. Guide the visitor to the next action you want them to take, even when it seems obvious.
  • 4. Recommended By ?: Integrate client testimonials and media reviews to support your sales claims.
  • 5. Speak their Language: Use everday terms and address any anticipated barriers to buying in language that is direct and clear.
  • 6. Above the Fold: Once you have a design and text you like, review the parts that appear at the top of the screen on your target devices. Keep crucial elements "above the fold," i.e. over the point where the screen cuts off and requires users to scroll further down.
  • 7. Repeat Yourself: Keep calls to action short, but be sure to say them several times throughout your headline, promotional copy, and other page elements like buttons and bullet points.
  • 8. Test it to Death!: Experimentation is the best path to find your most effective landing page set up. Try out variations and see what moves the needle on your conversions. Run different pages side by side to see if one performs better so you can keep the best and dump the rest.
  Incorporate all of these elements into your landing page and the only remaining challenge you'll have is to keep on top of all those web leads! Let us know if you've created a landing page that you're particularly proud of. We're listening here, as well as on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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