Is Linkedin the Missing Link in Your Business Marketing Mix?

There's no shortage of businesses using social media for marketing, as we've written about already. When it comes to adoption levels, we're almost into the mature phase of that particular market.

But just because everyone is using the channel, doesn't mean they're using the most effective platforms for their business.

Where Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram all have an important place in your social media marketing mix, all too often the most professional platform is overlooked. LinkedIn is perhaps easily dismissed because it is traditionally more of an online recruitment tool, but in reality its current incarnation has transformed the network into arguably the most targeted online space to market your products and services to other professionals.

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Using LinkedIn for Leads

Marketers who overlook Linkedin run the risk of losing business leads to competitors active in this space.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other ad-reliant social sites, LinkedIn gives users an optional paid upgrade for their personal profiles. The Harvard Business Review reports that approximately 25% of active sales team users have that premium access account, which is a solid proportion of sales professionals finding great value in the connections they make on Linkedin. So effective that they're willing to pay for such networking, which is almost certainly not the case on more purely social networks.

What sets LinkedIn apart from others is that it has always been designed as a place for professionals, and is becoming more so with every development that it rolls out.

From showcasing presentations to establishing professional accreditations, the groups and networks built on Linkedin are fully business-focused. While other sites emphasize entertainment to attract users and keep them on site, with perhaps a little bit of business mixed in for brands and ads, Linkedin is aimed primarily at building business connections.

The importance of this can't be overstated. It clears the noise before you even begin because you don't have to compete with someone's spouse, friends, or the latest cute cat meme for attention. Your business stands a much better chance of making a valuable connection the first time around, saving you time in both targeting the right people and catching them at a moment when they're willing to listen.

Professional Proof

You want to be known as an expert in your industry, and LinkedIn offers many ways to achieve this.

Its groups, for example, are a hotbed of practical industry insight and helpful professionals answering questions. Do your research to find the most valuable groups, then join and offer your expertise.

You can also use your personal profile and company page to showcase successful projects that prove your professional ability, display presentations that add value for potential customers, and build a base of recommendations and endorsements of your skill set.

All of this adds up to an important research tool for other professionals in need of your expertise, giving them the knowledge and confidence to hire you when the time is right. That being said, connect with us on Linkedin today and let us know how you use the network to benefit your business!

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