5 Factors That Most Memorable Vanity Numbers Have In Common

In recent months we've looked at the best ways to select your own memorable phone number by both process mapping and the places to start your search. We've only scratched the surface when it comes to the characteristics that make for a memorable number, however. Today we'll look at five factors that make up the most memorable vanity numbers that we see in the industry.

Examples of memorable vanity numbers

5 Common Factors of Memorable Vanity Numbers


Even though it's true your number should say who you are or what you do, this should be carefully considered and implemented well. There should be an association between your number, who you are, and what you do. Let’s take a look at an example: You’re Bob and you own a heating and air conditioning service company. If your number is 1-877-123-Bobs, how do potential customers know what you sell? Your number might work successfully and be memorable for existing or local clients, because they associate your name and brand together. But what about new or potential customers? They might remember your number, but will it come into mind the next time they need their air conditioner repaired? 1-877-BOBS-HVAC might work better for Bob’s business in the long term, because of the straightforward connection between who Bob is and what service his business provides.

Summary: Your vanity number benefits you even more when it reflects directly on the product or service that you offer.  

Descriptive This factor might seem obvious, but its importance makes it worthy of note and example. The best vanity numbers we see tend to be concise and brief, yet the brand or service is always clear. For example, there’s no doubt about who 1-800-FLOWERS is or what they’re trying to sell, and the customer seeing an ad with that number makes the connection immediately. It also sticks with them, which is key. Even if the most direct number for your industry isn't available, there's almost always a way to twist the description of what you do to create a number that's both memorable and descriptive of your field.

Summary: The most memorable vanity numbers say who you are or what you do clearly.  

Rhythm Certain vanity numbers have a flow or rhythm when you repeat them back to yourself. A rhythmic cadence can help make anything easy to remember. It’s what enables us to remember songs or poems. If rhythm can help readers remember entire poems by Edgar Allen Poe, it can certainly help customers or clients remember your vanity number.

Summary: The most memorable vanity numbers can almost be heard or recited in your head. [search-tag]

Coordination Your marketing strategy is made up of assorted pieces. When correctly arranged together they can create a beautiful picture. Therefore, a vanity phone number should work with the other pieces; your vanity number should work with you other marketing tool. When you coordinate and combine these tools, you’re strengthening your marketing strategy and effectively making your entire brand more memorable.

Summary: Vanity numbers are more memorable when they work with your wider strategy and marketing materials.

Straightforward Again, this sounds simple but can easily be overlooked in favor of other factors. An example is 1-800-HOME-CARE  a straightforward case that helped a business stand out in its market. It embodies all of the factors we’ve already discussed and one last important quality: it gets straight to the point in terms of business and clarity of communication. There shouldn’t be any doubt as to how to spell or dial your vanity number. If we pronounced 1-800-Home-Care, “one eight hundred home care,” but spelled it 1-800-HOM-CARE without the “e” in home, do you think anyone would reach the company? Probably not.

Summary: The best vanity numbers leave no margin for error in terms of recall or clarity.  

Can you find a number that embodies all of these qualities for your company? We think so and we welcome your questions, or you can start your own search right now!

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