Mobile Internet Overtakes Laptops as Our Primary Way Online

New data from Ofcom, the UK telecoms regulator, confirms a trend that we observed here in the US last year: getting online on our mobile devices has become the main way that consumers access the Internet. The organization's Communications Data Report found that while one-third of users focused on their 4G network-connected devices like smartphones and tablets, just 30% opted for a laptop connection, the second most-used method. The laptop number is down from 40% in 2014, demonstrating just how sharp the switch  has been in the past year or two. [caption id="attachment_3080" align="aligncenter" width="640"]social media marketing apps New media and telecoms marketing make for a powerful partnership. | Image Credit: Jason Howie[/caption] The importance of these reports, in two of the Western world's most developed and valuable markets, cannot be overstated for those of us engaged in marketing and communications. The link between telephones and online access is especially critical. We've seen before that the numbers show a memorable number means increased conversions in online marketing and advertising. As more and more access goes mobile, that trend will only increase. Consumers will continue to expand their use of key access gateways such as mobile search, social networks, apps and virtual assistants, all of which offer their own unique advertising opportunities. As they go, these channels will figure out their business model and buying ads will start to get more expensive. Understanding this growing trend, which it is now fair to say will become the norm in most markets within the next year or two, gives your business an advantage over others in your market. It is still relatively early in the mobile advertising space; ad solutions and inventory are still being established, as platforms try to work out the best way to help companies connect with users. The best advice for now is to stay up to date on the latest trends and which channels are proving most effective, then to have a proven set of brand assets at your disposal to test which platforms work best for you. Access and advertising channels will continue to change, but having a recognized brand with marketing tools that stand the test of time keeps your business perfectly positioned to take advantage of those opportunities, rather than falling behind as a result of them.

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