Proposed Procedure for the Toll-Free (833) Auction

Update on the FCC Toll-Free (833) Auction

The FCC Seeks Feedback on Proposed Auction Procedures

We’re excited to share that there has been some movement in regards to the auction for the super premium toll-free vanity numbers under the 833 exchange. This is the first substantial update since 2018, and it shows that forward momentum is picking up. However, there are details still yet to be determined.

Timeline highlights: 

  • The FCC is accepting petitions from governmental and non-profit health and safety organizations for specific phone numbers to be set aside to be used for public good. The deadline for petitions was May 16, 2019.
  • The May 9th FCC Open Meeting Agenda included a comment cycle on the proposed auction. Comments are due by June 3. The cycle will end with a comment reply deadline of June 10, 2019.
  • After all comments are sorted (at an undetermined date) the full auction procedure will be announced.
  • Actual date of the auction is still TBD.

Highlights of the proposed 833 Auction procedures: 

  • Potential bidders can include both RespOrgs and end user customers.
  • All bidders must complete an application to be approved to bid.
  • All bidders will be required to disclose the number(s) on which they will bid and submit an upfront payment of $100 per number, which will be applied to the winning bid or refunded if that bidder is unsuccessful.
  • Prior to the auction, there will be tutorials, webinars, and documentation distributed to help all bidders navigate the system. There will also be a mock-auction to familiarize everyone with the process.
  • Winning bidders must submit payment within 10 business days of the public notice of the winners. A late fee will be applied for payment made within the first five days after deadline.
  • After 15 days, if payment has not been made, the bidder will be considered in default.
  • Any winning bid over $300 must be made by wire transfer.

A full list of numbers being currently held for auction can be found by clicking here.

RingBoost will continue to strive to keep everyone interested in an auction number up to date. At this time, we do not intend to act as a broker bidding on behalf of end users. We will continue to do our best to empower you and guide you through the process.

Can’t Wait? Need a Number Now? 

Because the timing and the process of the auction is so uncertain, if you have a pressing need for a vanity number, we recommend reaching out to one of our sales reps. You can reach us by:

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Written by: on May 15, 2019

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