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Real Estate Phone Number Trends

In RingBoost’s 2019 Phone Relevancy Report, Real Estate logged in as the second most popular industry for acquiring vanity and easy-dial local phone numbers. Throw out the old mantra because real estate success is all about “connection, connection, connection.” One way real estate companies are standing out is with custom phone numbers to build brand awareness, increase memorability, and connect with more leads. Here is a quick look into Real Estate custom phone number trends.

Download the Real Estate Sector Phone Relevancy Report Spotlight here.

For more information on universal phone number buying trends download the full 2019 Phone Number Relevancy Report. To read more about how Real Estate Businesses have gained success with custom phone numbers, select one of these case studies:

 Full text:

Universal Appeal 42% of total purchases were by real estate agents and brokers. The remaining 58% covered a broad spectrum of subsectors including real estate investment, house flippers, property management, and commercial real estate. Location Reigns Supreme Nearly every state was represented in the data, and New York State accounted for the most local phone number sales, at over 15% of the total. California, Florida, and Texas followed closely behind. Community Expertise Your area code is a great way to signal the communities you serve. The top three most popular area codes (212 – New York City, 305 – Miami, 214 – Dallas) are considered “exhausted area codes” which are difficult to obtain from a carrier. Using a phone number provider like RingBoost gives more options for professionals to display their long-standing expertise. Making it Easy Easy dial patterns accounted for 62% of purchases. The most popular was a “thousand” number following an X000 pattern (1000, 2000, etc.) for ease of communication and memorability. Brand Building The most popular vanity phrase was the simple four-digit HOME, with SOLD and CASH as the second and third place. Marketing Investment The average price for numbers purchased in the real estate sector was $437, with a range of $99 to $3500. The most expensive numbers include 7-digit vanities such as NEW-HOME, FOR-CASH, and FOR-RENT in rare area codes.

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