Saddletree Homes

Dominating Radio with a Local Vanity Number

Saddletree Homes has been building dream houses in Colorado Springs, CO for over 25 years. The company focuses on custom and semi-custom designs, with exquisite attention to detail to fit the exact needs of homeowners. A custom focus called for a custom phone number to ensure memorability of their out-of-home advertising. Selecting 719-BUILDER has given Saddletree the unique edge they need to attract the perfect buyers.

Radio Ads


Targeting a Unique Audience Saddletree seeks to connect with buyers who aren’t just interested in new construction, but also are curious about custom builds. The company has to work hard to stand out from generic builders while speaking to a very unique audience. Appealing to a niche market means Saddletree must be savvy with their marketing spend to maximize the return. “We’re limited in our budget,” notes Blake Barcus, Saddletree Marketing Director. “It’s really important for us to study the demographic, analyze where we post, and be thoughtful about how we put ourselves out there.” The company runs marketing campaigns and promotions across all media, online and out-of-home. Based on several factors such as reach and ability to tell a full story, the company decided to focus on dominating radio. While they cover their bases with multi-channel campaigns, including ads in the local paper, digital marketing, signage and car wraps, their regionally-famous radio spots are what help them build brand awareness and attract the most prospects.


Making Marketing More Effective Saddletree doesn’t build generic, cookie cutter homes, and a cookie cutter call-to-action on their radio spots and marketing materials wouldn’t do. They selected the custom phone number 719-BUILDER to increase the effectiveness of their radio spots and help them stand out from the competition. They have been able to maintain double-digit growth, thanks to their effective marketing.When you have a special number, and someone sees it on a billboard, it’s not common. It jogs your mind and helps you make connections. When you’re driving and hearing our radio spot, you don’t have a pen right there. We want people to remember us in a short time, and you can’t get better than 719-BUILDER.”

– Blake Barcus, Marketing Director

A surprising benefit of the number is how it serves as an ice breaker. Prospects ask them about it in conversations and it becomes an anchor point to tell the whole Saddletree story. “It’s been huge for our branding. We plan to be around for a long time and our number reflects that strength.”

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