Using Your Vanity Number to Get Closer to Customers

How does a brand build trust and get closer to its customers? With so much information now available online and reviews everywhere we look, it's a question that every business has to ask. Developing a positive online reputation for your brand relies increasingly on word-of-mouth, which means providing an outstanding experience. Promoting regular, open communication with customers is a key part of this process. Due to the fact that consumers now rely a lot more on what others are saying about you - and now that everyone can see what they are saying, even if they have never met or connected - it is crucial to check your online footprint and make sure that everything reflects positively on your business. Whether you call this reputation management, brand stewardship, or some other business buzz word, it comes down to one thing: your company's digital credentials. connect puzzle pieces

How Vanity Numbers Connect With Customers

Beyond offering an attractive product or service and delivering a great experience, how do you develop a closer connection to your busy customers? Vanity numbers are a vital part of getting today's hectic and distracted consumers to pick up the phone. A memorable number helps a potential customer to notice and remember the call they want to place to your company. Better yet, the very best vanity numbers become etched on your customer's mind in a way that random digits simply cannot achieve. A vanity number builds a positive association of size and stature with your customer base, at the same time as building your reputation for being approachable and easy to reach. Every time your customer needs you, they'll know exactly how to get in touch if you have a memorable number. [caption id="attachment_2305" align="aligncenter" width="537"]Repeating phone number A memorable number encourages your customers to reach out more often.[/caption]

Communication Drives Reputation

As you develop better connections with customers and build a base of positive reviews, it's important to take full advantage and explore all avenues to secure recognized online credentials. These are some other areas that you can explore to develop positive associations with your brand, and credentials that you can display strategically across your online assets:
  • Awards and honors, especially from recognized industry trade groups,
  • Memberships, partnerships and associations,
  • Testimonials from clients, usually expanded versions of existing reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook,
  • Recognition of quality training programs and/or expertise of employees.
  Anything that reflects positively on your brand and its place in your industry has the potential to provide the great credentials you need to win over new customers. These positive signs come from customers who have used your products or services and trust you to deliver on every brand promise you make. No one method will win these vital credentials for you without significant commitment and a coordinated effort, but vanity numbers can play a pivotal role in proving your size and commitment to communicating with customers.

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