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Getting the First Call

Case Study: Boxer Towing

Boxer Towing launched with the mindset to build a bold, fun brand that customers remembered and relied on. From the logo to the custom phone number, the company has stood out and made a memorable impression.


Boxer Towing services the Pasadena, Maryland area with a broad range of towing and light duty vehicle services including 24/7 flatbed towing, roadside assistance, vehicle lockout services, battery jumpstarts, fuel delivery, tire changes, winching and more. Because of their spectrum of services, anyone and everyone in their area who owns a car is a potential customer, and the company has to compete to be noticed.

Customers typically don’t need a towing company until it’s an emergency – but when they do, they call. People in an urgent situation can be stressed out and feel vulnerable. Having a company that you feel familiar and comfortable with is extremely important when picking who to call. Boxer Towing took this into consideration as they built their brand to be a beacon of safety for customers. They wanted to ensure that their brand was remembered so they would always be the company that gets the first call.

Boxer Towing

Looking to Standout

Founded in early 2020, Boxer Towing was built on the idea of providing expert services with a friendly customer experience. The leadership team took that mission to heart when building the company brand. The logo incorporates a boxer breed dog wearing boxing gloves and the primary color of the brand is a neon green. The trucks are painted in bold colors and the contact information is displayed prominently on the side, turning the vehicles into moving billboards.

The final piece to complete the brand was a stand-out phone number. Upon recommendation from their Comcast representative, they decided a vanity phone number would be best. They turned to RingBoost and chose the local number 667-26-BOXER. The local area code identifies the company as part of the Pasadena community and the use of the company name makes the number unforgettable.

Generating calls

Boxer Towing knows that getting a good number is an important part of an integrated marketing program. The company uses their new number – sometimes with the vanity and sometimes just in numerics – in all of their marketing outreach, including out-of-home advertising, signage, truck wraps, Facebook, and Craigslist.  Being top-of-mind is critical in making sure the first call a stranded customer makes is always to them.

“Phone calls are extremely important for us,” says Boxer Towing Owner Ronnie Canter. “It’s how we get our business. We picked a phone number that fit our business and made it fun to remember. Our customers often comment on it and ask us how we got it. It makes a good impression.”

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