Establishing a Brand Based on Concept and Quality

Quality and concept are two elements of a brand that go hand-in-hand.  In many ways, your brand will live or die on clarity of concept. Depending on the effectiveness of the tools in your marketing kit, what your brand stands for is either crystal clear to customers or a tangled mess of mixed messages. Customers are easily distracted and need a brand to be shorthand for everything they love and require from your product or service. That extends to the brand assets that you use to communicate that message, which go a long way to conveying a sense of quality and communicating the heart of your concept. When deployed correctly, your marketing platforms and advertising creative hold the power to move your brand from potential energy to a kinetic force that infuses value at every level. So where is the intersection of concept and quality, and what do you need to make the two a cornerstone of your appeal to customers? two characters connecting puzzle piecesAn Unclear Concept Weakens Your Brand

An inability to define a single, clear concept that encapsulates value to the customer weakens any brand. A brand should be able to replace a common word; become a byword for a simple concept or emotion associated with your business. A singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of the prospect, your brand needs to be built in such a way that it is synonymous with something that would otherwise have been a general concept. An example would be the high-quality tech hardware that makes us think immediately of Apple, or the quick and affordable meals offered at McDonald's. Whatever you think of either company, there is no doubt about the clarity of what they stand for. Vanity numbers are versatile enough to communicate both the brand and its business, making them a valuable tool in the marketing mix. They satisfy all three of our earlier criteria:

  • 1. Vanity numbers are clear and easy to understand.
  • 2. A memorable number is concise and needs only 7 or 8 characters to make an impression across all of your advertising.
  • 3. Brand recall is improved when a vanity number is implemented, as studies continue to show.

Advertising is a powerful tool to build your brand and solidify a leading position ahead of the competition, but it needs support from the most effective marketing tools money can buy. Along with a strong marketing hook and a recognizable visual identity, a vanity phone number is one of the best ways to ensure your concept is enshrined in all of your marketing materials. 

Brands Based on Quality

When you think about it, it's clear that the success of some brands is based almost entirely on quality. To extend the example we used for the importance of concept, simply conjure up what you think of the cult-like appeal of Apple products. This arises because the company has developed an unassailable brand reputation for products that are top of the line, appealing to everyone, and work without problems. But even if quality is not the cornerstone of your brand, it still needs to inform your branding. That means finding whatever it is that you do better than anyone else in your industry and emphasizing your quality in that area. That's where the conceptual side comes in, used to embody all of the qualities you bring to the table and summed up in clear marketing, concise statements, and creative ads that lead the customer to your way of thinking, rather than demand attention at every turn. apple products emobody qualityHow Vanity Numbers Confer a Sense of Quality

Whatever element of your brand needs to be highlighted as high quality, there is a type of vanity number that can help to achieve that end. Toll free numbers tend to be associated with quality and size. They have the feel of a big brand about them, while still offering a comfortable access point that customers can use at no personal cost. Local vanity numbers, meanwhile, can confer the quality of being nearby and accessible. When customers feel you know your local area and have a commitment to it, that can be an important part of building a rapport with them and building that side of your brand Often, quality relates very little to overall success in the marketplace. It is more of a state of mind that subtly reinforces the foremost elements of your brand, whether that means a reputation for the best price, outstanding customer service, or something in your follow-up care that is the best in the industry. If you are known to be the best in your field for product knowledge, for example, that quality can attract customers just as much as selling a product that is the highest build quality. In the end, remember that quality, or at least how we perceive quality, exists mainly in the mind. A clear concept helps you to resonate in the mind of your target customer and underscores the identifiable qualities of your product, who you are and what you do. If you understand the parts of your brand that you really want to emphasize with customers, there are always marketing tools and platforms that help to shape your offering around those elements and confer a sense of quality in a subtle way that builds long-term brand value. 

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