Finding a great vanity number

Having an unforgettable phone number is a must for your marketing strategy. 

Finding that perfect vanity number requires some creativity and strategy. So let’s look at a few ways you can use your current marketing tactics and objectives to pick the perfect new vanity phone number for your business.

What is a vanity number?

A vanity phone number is a custom set of digits specially selected for memorability. Often, vanity numbers spell out a memorable word or phrase but they can also be an ‘easy-dial’ sequence of repeating digits.

It’s an all-in-one branding solution that traditional numerical phone numbers just can’t compete with.

5 Benefits of using a vanity number

Incorporating your very own vanity number as part of your marketing strategy is a savvy decision for many reasons. Here are some key benefits: 

  1. Memorability - In an age where no one commits phone numbers to memory anymore, having one that is effortlessly recalled is a competitive advantage that puts your brand at the top of a customer’s mind. 
  2. Easily recalled vanity numbers increase inbound calls
  3. These handy marketing solutions will optimize your marketing by raising response and conversion rates in a matter of weeks. 
  4. A well-chosen vanity number can do wonders for boosting brand credibility
  5. Looking for an easy way to improve brand awareness? A well-placed vanity number can do that too. 

Tips For Finding An Unforgettable Vanity Number

To find the best vanity number for your business, consider these best practices.

Be Specific

It will help your search to have a defined idea of what you’re looking for going in. The first two questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Can you incorporate the name of your company?
  • Can you incorporate a message that defines exactly what your business offers?

If your name won't fit in a phone number, or isn't available, you should choose a phrase that communicates clearly and efficiently, what your business is about.

Browsing by industry is a great place to brainstorm at the start of your search

Get Creative

Widen your search if your first choice vanity number isn't available. Many industries are highly competitive and companies may have already snapped up several prime vanity numbers to dominate the field. 

A little creativity goes a long way. You can still secure a memorable, effective number in the most competitive industry. Make a list of words that cover the main areas associated with your business. Use that list to restart your search from another angle if others simply aren't working out.

Aim for Simple and Memorable

Simplicity is the key to making your phone number easy-to-dial, and enhancing memorability.

As you select your vanity number, focus on those that are simple to say and quickly committed to memory. Consumers usually recall numbers that have: 

  • Easy to spell words or phrases
  • Repetitive numbers (555, 5050, 5000)
  • Linear sequences (234, 789)

Think about the numbers that you remember on billboards and TV ads and why they stuck in your mind.

Search Local and National

Great 800 numbers are premium and scarce these days, so it might be necessary to widen your search in alternative area codes and prefixes.

There are many other toll free numbers available for the picking, for example 833, 877, 855. Alternatively, look at local versions of the number you want. It may not have been claimed for a specific region and you can often get exactly the same benefits – perhaps more – with a local dial.

Contact a RingBoost Concierge for Help!

If at any point in your search, you need a boost of extra support, we’ve got you covered. 

The RingBoost sales team offers omnichannel US-based concierge support to help business owners and marketers with vanity number ideas so that they can find a great phone number for your business. Contact us now for immediate assistance.

How to find a great vanity number

RingBoost is the industry leader and offers the largest selection of local and toll free vanity phone numbers. RingBoost also offers calling plans and value-added features to fit every budget.

Here’s how you can use our database to find the perfect vanity number.

1. Search available vanity numbers

RingBoost makes it simple to find the right vanity number for your business with an easy-to-search database of available phone numbers

You can use our search engine to conveniently search Local and Toll-Free numbers by keyword or area code. You can also browse by industry or browse by state.

2. Select a number

When deciding which kind of phone number will work best for your needs, there’s a few points to consider. Here’s a few questions to guide you in making the right decision:

  • Who are your target customers?
  • Where will you be doing business?
  • Which better represents your brand?

There are three basic categories of vanity numbers has to choose from:

  • Toll free - Most effective as vanity numbers, a toll free number may be right for your business if your brand needs nationwide appeal. Toll free numbers carry a legacy of trust and are a good option for boosting memorability, prestige, and credibility.
  • Local - A local number can open your market up to new areas, and makes it easier to cultivate insider trust within the community. A well-known area code can give you the prestige of the city it’s associated with.
  • Easy dial - Comprising a series of repetitive digits, easy-to-dial phone numbers make it effortless for clients to make the connection. These numbers can be local or toll free

3. Make your purchase 

After picking out your perfect vanity number, securing it for your use is as simple as checking out through our online payment portal. RingBoost accepts most major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay on all devices for faster checkout. 

4. Activate your new number

You have 3 options for putting your new number to use.

  • Port your number to the carrier of your choice to activate it. 
  • Pick a plan to activate call-forwarding to your existing line.
  • Park your number securely until you’re ready to use it.

Next steps

Now that you’ve got the techniques for finding the perfect vanity number, you’re ready to get started. Search your vanity number ideas in RingBoost’s toll-free number database, as well as our local number database

And if you have any questions, reach out to the RingBoost team. We’re happy to help you on your way.

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