For Legal Marketing, Vanity Numbers are a Natural Fit

As we approach critical mass for digital media channels, memorable marketing tools that work across both traditional and new media are more valuable than ever. For a law firm, this means having a contact point that describes who you are or what you do in a short, sharp marketing message. Legal vanity numbers fit that bill across all forms of media. law firm billboard advertBetter Marketing Through Legal Vanity Numbers

A memorable telephone number means more calls from customers, which in turn leads to more business. It’s a simple enough concept, but with new marketing avenues like mobile and social media having that “shiny new toy” appeal, it can distract from the fact that your contact number is a direct connection to new clients. What none of these digital developments can change is that an unforgettable vanity number is a tried and trusted way to ensure your law firm branding runs across all media formats, driving greater awareness and boosting business calls. While the online arena has to be given the credit it deserves for connecting with potential clients, it’s also extremely noisy and packed with distractions. A clear contact number helps your law firm cut through the advertising clutter and get your message heard. [search-tag] Gregg Hamerschlag, Chairman and CEO of vanity number experts RingBoost, explains what years of experience working with law firms has shown him:

“It’s around 25-30% easier to sell someone when they’re on the phone than from a web lead. Businesses still want to talk to their customers. They can give a web address but all too often the consumer hears it while they’re busy with something else. When the opportunity to act comes up, they forget the website, search on Google and find all of your competitors.”

 Websites are, of course, invaluable business resources, but the addition of a vanity number that rolls off the tongue helps to connect the prospect directly to you without distraction. It gives them the opportunity to speak directly to someone who can help, whenever and wherever they’re ready to call. Legal marketing with vanity phone numbersLegal marketing case study: Kisling, Nestico & Redick

Round Out Your Legal Marketing Strategy

A well-rounded marketing strategy works to the strengths of all your channels. Being in many different places helps customers find your firm at various stages of their legal research. They’ll find what they need to know as they need to know it, setting you up to build awareness of your legal brand throughout the funnel. For example, someone with only a general interest in your areas of practice won’t commit to an extended conversation immediately. Nonetheless, having a broad website with the information they need to conduct early checks is vital. At the other end of the spectrum, when a potential client has a strong background in the subject and needs to answer a few quick questions, being able to connect across social media channels like Twitter and Facebook lets them post and come back to your response later on. Across all stages of interest, you need your law firm to have a clear brand value that’s easily recalled. When a potential client is ready to have a deeper conversation, a custom number connects them directly to you, closes the lead loop, and lets your legal experts go to work on more qualified client prospects. For all the potential of the latest and greatest marketing methods, there’s no substitute for a legal vanity number that customers simply can’t forget!

So, What Are You Waiting For? Buy Vanity Phone Numbers Today

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