Friday's Finest: Safe in the Hands of a Vanity Number

“Friday’s Finest” takes a look at the best examples of vanity numbers in action. As we see them, we snap them, and then offer a quick summary of what we think works so well. Take a look at some of our other favorites here. Though our first instinct when it comes to moving an organization to a memorable number is to build brand identity and boost sales calls, we're well aware of just how versatile they can be. There's more to some vanity numbers than making money, from crafting an improved customer service experience to providing an easy-to-remember point of contact for informational purposes. It's the latter that we look at today, with the federal agency for workplace safety and health, OSHA, and its handy toll free vanity telephone number. OSHA work safety poster OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The agency is charged with the enforcement of relevant legislation in work environments across the country, from more commonly expected danger zones like construction sites and warehouses, to the common office environment in which you're probably reading this. Wherever it is, OSHA is required to make its work known and provide easy access to resources and expertise that help both owners, managers and their workers ensure that their place of employment complies with federal standards. As well as informational posters, literature, and a website, the agency prominently displays the memorable toll-free number 1-800-321-OSHA across its materials. It's an elegant example of how even an awkward entity like a government agency, with strict regulations and an unwieldy name, can benefit from a simple number. By using the memorable sequence 321, then simply adding the ogranizational acronym, the agency ensures that people will remember how to reach them whenever they're needed. Here's a closer look at how OSHA is encouraging employers to improve workplace safety with a custom number: OSHA vanity number This style of number is also a useful reminder to every business that vanity numbers need not be limited to company name or niche. Memorable numeric sequences, relevant numbers, and even acronyms can all be employed to make that number more memorable, while still unique to your organization.

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