5 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From the Super Bowl 50 Ads

When football's biggest Sunday rolls around, attention turns as much to the Super Bowl ads on TV as the players on the field. That's because America loves a great 30-second spot, whether it's a classic Budweiser Clydesdale or a plucky newcomer betting it all on the biggest audience of the year. Even as advertising moves online and marketing budgets are eked out over more channels than ever before, there are certain qualities that make for great marketing campaigns year-in, year-out. Every Super Bowl brings a collection of new ads that win our hearts, along with those that raise eyebrows as we wonder how anyone could spend so much on something so forgettable. Most businesses don't have that  kind of marketing budget to burn on ineffective ads. Consider the following five lessons that you can take from Super Bowl 50 ads and apply to make your own marketing more memorable. Super Bowl Marketing Helmet Image

5 Marketing Lessons from Super Bowl 50

Here are five lessons every marketer can learn from the ads on show at Super Bowl 50:
  • 1. Entertain or Emote: This year's ads erred on the side of humor. Last year's made more of emotional allure. Either way, know that if you don't tickle their funny bone or tug at their heart strings, it's going to be that much more difficult to attract your customer's attention.
  • 2. Make an Entrance: You may have noticed major movie previews make their first appearance on TV last night; that was no coincidence. From superhero flicks like the latest Captain America and X-Men instalments to the return of Jason Bourne, the one constant was that these already very popular franchises wanted to make a grand entrance. By associating with a wildly popular personality, event or icon, you can ensure that your first promotion gives your campaign momentum.
  • 3. Make it Multi-Channel: For most viewers it's all about the ads that are on TV, but there's also plenty of promotion happening across other channels during the game. The Oreo "Dunk in the Dark" real-time response to a power outage during Super Bowl 47 made the most of a lull in the football action to get the attention of Twitter users. Many of us turn to our smartphone or tablets at the first sign of a break in play, but your brand can still be there on the second screen, contributing to the conversation and standing out online.
  • 4. Seek the Viral Vote: If you can't win the ad industry plaudits, it can be just as valuable to win word-of-mouth, especially online. This year's Mountain Dew ad entitled "PuppyMonkeyBaby" did just that, even as it undoubtedly freaked out regular viewers. There's no need to get quite that weird with your creative, but striking visuals and memorable concepts are the first places to start when you want to win the online vote and get people sharing your stuff.
  • 5. However You Market It, Measure It: We've talked before about the importance of measuring your marketing, but it bears repeating: whichever of the ideas above you employ, or the goals you set, make sure you have a plan in place to quantify the results. It could be something as simple as a coupon, an existing tool like a call tracking number, or as complex as multiple tracking codes across many online channels. Whatever you run with, test it first and carefully review the results once your marketing play is complete, just like any great coach would do!
There are so many marketing plays that you can make, it can often be a tough call as to which one will result in a touchdown. Super Bowl ads give us an annual reminder of what separates average promotions from excellent marketing. As the fever pitch dies down for another year, take the time to learn those lessons and review what works best for your business. And if you need help tracking those calls, remember that RingBoost is always here to help!

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