What Is Your Advertising Plan for 2016?

Advertising can make or break your brand. Depending on the effectiveness of the tools in your marketing kit, adverts are either the best money you can spend or, in the worst-case scenario, ads can simply be bucks that you're sending straight down the drain. So what makes the difference between a valuable ad that builds your brand and one that gets forgotten in seconds? It all comes down to memory, or really a lack of it. Times Square Ads

The Importance of Ads in 2016

Customers are always on the move, busy and easily distracted (you know that, because you are one yourself!) In our daily routine we might see up to 5,000 ads a day, so the chances of standing out are already quite slim. Put simply, consumers do not have the time or mental awareness to focus on all of the advertising they encounter, or even a reasonable proportion of it. But great advertising still makes a lasting impression on customers. It just takes the right tools and a creative message to cut through the clutter. We remember two or three brands a day at best, which means the message has to be clear, concise, and easy to recall once the supporting marketing has made an impression. That means a creative marketing team who knows what their customer wants to see, followed by an easy-to-remember way to recall and contact the brand when the times comes to buy. [caption id="attachment_2272" align="aligncenter" width="361"]brain love gears Does your marketing stick in the mind? | Image Credit: Nivet[/caption]

Vanity Numbers, Ad Awareness and Brand Recall

A vanity phone number gives you an ideal way to imprint your brand on the mind of your customer. When a potential customer drives past a billboard too quickly, misplaces your direct mail, or simply gets distracted by a cat video online, you have just spent ad dollars without getting any return. If your contact number resonates with the brand, however, or you simply have a number that jumps out so much that it cannot be forgotten, you dramatically increase the chance that this potential customer will call. Essentially, to secure that spot on their to-do list and aid brand recall, your advertisement needs a number that doesn’t need to be written down. Vanity numbers are versatile enough to communicate both the brand and its business, making them a valuable tool in the marketing mix. They satisfy all three of our earlier criteria:
  • 1. Vanity numbers are clear and easy to understand.
  • 2. A memorable number is concise and needs only 7 or 8 characters to make an impression across all of your advertising.
  • 3. Brand recall is improved when a vanity number is implemented, as studies continue to show.
  Advertising is a powerful tool to build your brand and solidify a leading position ahead of the competition, but it needs support from the most effective marketing tools money can buy. Along with a strong web presence and a recognizable visual identity, a vanity phone number is one of the best ways to make sure your advertising dollars build your brand, rather than going to waste. Click here to search for a more memorable number today.

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Toll-Free Numbers

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Local Numbers

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