RingBoost Resource Guide: How to choose and use vanity numbers

Are you ready to optimize your marketing strategy with an all-in-one branding solution that’s cost-effective and easy to implement?

Here’s your soup-to-nuts guide with everything you need to know to pick, purchase and implement the perfect custom vanity phone number.

What is a vanity number?

Vanity numbers are customized phone numbers that you choose yourself. Unlike a randomly assigned number from your phone carrier, vanity numbers are optimized for easy memorability. 

They can spell out a simple word or phrase on the keypad, or use numerical patterns or repetition for easy dialing. 

Sound familiar? These days, vanity numbers are a ubiquitous all-in-one branding solution that can be found on all kinds of visible platforms: TV commercials, social media, buses and billboards.

Local vanity numbers

Bridging the gap between a familiar beginning and a memorable ending, local vanity numbers are represented by their three-digit area code and are tied to specific geographical regions.

No matter where your business is physically located, purchasing a local vanity number is a simple first step to securing local trust and breaching new markets.

Local vanity numbers are a cost-effective strategy for building your brand and increasing word-of-mouth advertising and referrals. With area codes tied closely to the cultural identity of their region, many businesses use them to showcase their physical location, especially if that location comes with prestige (like NYC or San Francisco.)

Toll free vanity numbers

Toll free numbers are free to call from any area code. The familiar 800 and 888 prefixes carry a long legacy of trust, but there are many other prefixes to choose from (833, 844, 855, 866, and 877) based on availability and your budget.

Most effective as memorable vanity numbers, toll free numbers offer a nationwide brand building opportunity and are a great choice for boosting the prestige and credibility of your business.

Toll free numbers can’t be purchased outright, but RingBoost can walk you through the licensing process so you can secure one for your use.

The benefits of using a vanity phone number

An unforgettable phone number gives your brand a boost of visibility and edge over competitors with traditional phone numbers. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of incorporating a vanity number into your marketing strategy.

  • Memorability - A memorable phone number means customers are more likely to remember your brand and what it does, long after your marketing campaign has ended.
  • Reinforces brand - A well-placed vanity number reinforces your brand by supporting more effective marketing campaigns.
  • Enables word-of-mouth referrals - The most trusted form of advertising, referrals are worth their weight in gold. An easily-recalled vanity number sets your customers to refer your business to friends, at any time or place.
  • Improves advertising response rates - Vanity numbers optimize your advertising ROI generating more business per dollar spent on marketing.
  • Proven to generate higher quality leads - A vanity number used as a direct call-to-action can help to better capture the attention of your target audience and provides an easy-to-remember direct line to the service they require.

Some effective examples of vanity numbers in different industries include:

  • Legal - 1-888-WE-FIGHT, 717-DUI-HELP, 1-800-FIGHT4U 
  • Home services - 1-800-NEW-ROOF, 310-CLEAN-4-U, 1-520-AC-REPAIR
  • Cannabis - 303-GET-WEED, 1-800-CANNABIS, 415-FIND-420
  • Real Estate - 1-877-BUY-SELL, 1-800-MOVE-NOW, 1-212-BUY-CONDO
  • Financial services - 610-2-RETIRE, 1-866-HOME-LOAN, 1-800-TAX-HELP

Tips for picking a vanity number

When selecting a vanity number for your business, it’s important to keep in mind that an effective vanity number reaches a target audience with a clear, compelling message about your business. 

Here’s a breakdown of best practices for choosing a vanity phone number that fits your business needs:

  • Simplicity - this is the crucial device for making your phone number easy-to-dial and enhancing memorability.
  • Memorability - the most effective vanity number is an unforgettable one. 
  • Know your market - in order for your message to hit its target, it’s important to be clear on who your audience is before beginning your search.
  • Have creative back-up choices - vanity numbers are in high-demand! If your first choice number isn't available, a bit of creativity can go a long way in finding the perfect vanity number to showcase your brand.

How to get a vanity number

Once you’ve found your perfect new phone number, obtaining and activating your new number is simple. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Purchase - and check out through our online payment portal (now accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay!)
  2. Port - your number to the carrier of your choice to activate it.
  3. Pick a Call Forwarding Plan - to activate your new number to an existing line.
  4. Park - your number securely until you’re ready to start using it.

Finding available vanity numbers

Whether or not you already have an idea of what you would like your new phone number to be, RingBoost’s easy-to-search database of available numbers makes it simple to find the right vanity number for your business.

If you need some extra support to find and dial-in that perfect number, contact the RingBoost sales team for immediate assistance. 

Resources for finding vanity numbers

Below you’ll find some ready-made resources to tools and guides to jump-start your search:

Choosing a vanity number

Consider these two points at the start of your search:

  • Can you incorporate your business name?
  • Can you incorporate the service you offer?

If you can answer yes to either of the above, you’ll be able to generate some ideas of where to start, putting you well on your way to an effective vanity number. 

Toll free or local? Depending on your business goals, one may be significantly more valuable than the other. Here are some questions you can use to assess which type of phone number is right for your business:

  • Who is your target customer base?
  • Where are you doing business?
  • Which better represents your brand identity?

Resources for choosing vanity numbers

If you need some extra support in picking the right phone number for your business, check out these handy guides: 

Implementing a vanity number

Ready for some great news? Implementing a vanity number does not require any special technical knowledge! 

Although the process is straightforward, we understand that questions may arise along the way. The RingBoost knowledge center provides answers to most questions about using vanity numbers you may have. 

If you need a personal touch to complete the process, RingBoost’s customer support team is available through email, chat, and telephone to help you integrate a vanity number into your communications plan. 

Resources for using vanity numbers

Ready to activate your new phone number? We’ve compiled a cache of information to get you there faster: 

Find a vanity number for your business– contact RingBoost today

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